Our Services

Digital Experiences

Because we’re all about ‘visual’ at El Masna3, we understand the importance of consistency and creativity when it comes to helping our clients in a digitally-dominated world. Our team of digital experts promises to create, or re-create, a voice exclusively for you and your brand in cyber-space, steering you through time and space all over the globe and on every device. The services in our cyber-space department include social media management and consultancy, as well as setting and implementing all of your digital experiences.

Video Content

We don’t just fill in the blanks – we give you a complete package, with a cherry on top too. El Masna3 has a top-notch film and animation production unit that offers absolutely everything in terms of visual content - from the development of concepts, writing scripts and storyboards, to live-action videos and animations, right down to full execution of your projects using state of the art equipment and a whole lot of imagination.


Our designs are a perfect blend of creativity, clarity, and communication. We have an endless stash of ideas tucked under our wings here at El Masna3, and a team of talented designers and illustrators that can, literally, work some wicked wonders! We’ve got you covered in terms of branding, illustrations and snazzy infographics, and any form of promotional material your brand needs, either digital or in print.

Our Clients

We’re really good – ask our moms! Or maybe our clients. El Masna3 has had the pleasure of working with some incredible clients, and they loved us just as much as we loved working with them! Here are some of the amazing clients we helped in bringing their projects to life, with a combination of trust, creativity, and lots of coffee.

About Us

We’re not really wicked, but our ideas definitely are! And we don’t rest – ever. El Masna3 is a dynamic Cairo-based media company that prides in creating and implementing digital experiences with clients and creating branded and original video, as well as digital content, while undertaking the entire creative process; from the birth of a concept, right down to the moment of delivery (and the look on your face when you’re dazzled by our work).

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We’d love to talk you through any projects ideas, or run some of our ideas by you. Just say the word and drop us a line, and we’ll have coffee together and talk.

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