More than 200 videos were produced throughout the year, and Domty's products were seen in these videos over 100-million times... Now let that sink in for a moment.


Three years ago we launched an entrepreneurial bandwagon; fallen off the bandwagon, got back onto the bandwagon, dragged the bandwagon, until the bandwagon carried on forward on its own. Naturally, startup life wasn’t meant to be a breeze -- If anything, it’s the falling off that’s taught us a few valuable lessons that have evolved us from a start-up to a fully-fledged digital agency in only a few short years.


The most valuable of those lessons is understanding what works for audiences, and what doesn’t -- we’re close observers of the digital scene, and we’ve implemented our observations in our work. In the end, we have a bigger impact because our work comes down to one basic and fundamental element -- functionality.


The digital spectrum is comprised of both the aesthetic and the functional, and there’s usually a struggle between both. In our work, we lean towards the functional, while keeping the aesthetic for proper balance. The beauty of digital is that it allows clients to showcase their material in a space that really has no boundaries -- if they don’t utilise that space to their functional advantage and present stuff that actually sticks with their audiences everywhere, it’s a wasted opportunity.


I’m going to tell you the story of my favorite example here -- a daily online cooking video brand that we created less than a year ago, named Akl Ahla (which in English translates into better food). The concept was to experiment with the bite-sized video trends that had taken the digital world by storm over the last few years by pioneers along the likes of Buzzfeed’s Tasty, The Food Network, and Tastemade, but catered specifically for an Arabic-speaking audience. We approached several potential clients with our idea, including Domty, one of Egypt’s leading cheese and juice companies. They agreed to our proposal (were they skeptical? Yes, but they trusted us) and soon enough, we threw Akl Ahla out there into Egypt’s digital world.


Almost immediately, the fish snagged the hook and we were reeling in millions of views in a short period of time - and not just from Egypt; the content was shared into the region and also beyond; and simultaneously, so were Domty’s products. How’d we manage this? By showing people what could be done with their cheese, rather than simply telling them. It was an insanely cost-effective idea for our client - no billboards, no rhyming slogans and jingles and TV commercials; merely the cost of producing, launching and sponsoring content online in the digital realm.  As it goes, more than 200 videos were produced throughout the year, and Domty’s products were seen in these videos over 100-million times... Now let that sink in for a moment.

From a budget perspective, we spent a fraction of what would’ve been usually spent on a traditional campaign. From an outreach perspective, we can safely say that deciding to use functional digital material online achieved a better impact that traditional advertising ever could. Our mantra, hence, is quite simple -- big impact, big value, with a fraction of the budget spent the traditional way. And in a nutshell -- It’s cool to tell people they need cheese, but so much cooler to show people how they can actually use that cheese in a functional, useful way.


-- Ahmed Naguib, CEO


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